Smile well. Whether it can be cured is not the question that many readers are most interested in when it comes to this situation. With Flora dentistry, we confidently answered “yes”, and it was not even painful thanks to the proprietary pain management system. To learn more about this technique, follow the article below.

1. Causes of open laughter

Laughing exposed gums
Laughing exposed gums

It can be said that the condition of laughing exposed gums causes many obstacles in daily communication due to loss of trust. This leads to fewer friends that make life bland. Goodbye smile to welcome a new, more joyful and colorful life.

So what is an open smile and where does it come from? Open-minded laughter (open-mouthed laughter) is a condition when laughing, the length of the gums compared to the foot of the lips is over 2mm.

Causes of laughter include:

  • Short tooth body
  • Short upper lip
  • Innately thriving benefits
  • The bones of the tooth are too thick, the gums are enlarged
  • Large lip muscle strength
  • Overextending the upper jaw bone

Some of the effects that exposed laughter causes, such as loss of aesthetics, bad destiny, loss of inherent confidence.

2. Open levels of laughter

Laughter has four levels:

  • Mildness: Exposed gum tissue is less than 25% of the length of the crown
  • Average level: Exposed gum tissue from 25% to 50% of tooth body length
  • Severity: Gum tissue exposed to over 50% of the length of the crown
  • Very heavy level: Gum tissue exposed above 100% of the length of the tooth body

3. Can open laughter be cured?

Laughing can cure it.
Laughing can cure it.

As mentioned above, good laughter can be completed without spending too much of your time.

At Flora Dentistry, we apply the latest treatments today, helping customers undergo surgery in a gentle, painless, healing manner quickly.

Method 1: Shape the gums and lengthen the crown of the teeth

In the case of short crowns, too much covered gums will be advised to do this method. Depending on the actual condition of the customer, the following two treatment techniques can be applied:

  • Plastic gum surgery
  • Cutting gums with advanced laser technology

Find out more: https://nhakhoaflora.com/cach-cham-soc-nuou-loi-sau-phau-thuat

Method 2: Gum shape with bone socket grinding

Short crowns and too thick socket bones will be advised to do this method. The doctor will perform a cosmetic gum removal, which has abrasive bone correction.

With methods 1 and 2 will not recur.

Method 3: Lip positioning

With the cause of large lip muscle strength or mainly due to the lips will be advised by the doctor to perform this method. Surgery to drain the corridor will be performed, i.e. reduce the pull of the upper lip muscles when laughing.

Depending on the location of each person, there may be a recurrence or not when conducting treatment with this method.

Find out more: https://nhakhoaflora.com/ky-thuat-phau-thuat-cuoi-ho-loi-an-toan-va-hieu-qua-pho-bien-hien-nay

As such, Flora dentistry has successfully shared the question of
open laughter
Is there a recurrence? I hope to help you read somewhat. Flora Dentistry is confident to be the leading dentist, specializing in treating gum smiles, helping customers find a confident smile again. For further advice, please contact us via hotline 028.7305.8999.