Wisdom tooth extraction requires high technique and ingenuity in handling. This article provides you with information about the service. Wisdom tooth extraction at Flora Dentistry.

Wisdom teeth are usually harder to remove than the rest. Not only that, it can cause incalculable complications. Choosing a reputable facility with a team of highly specialized doctors can help you eliminate these risks.


Wisdom teeth are teeth that grow number 8, growing in the innermost of the teeth. It usually grows between the ages of 17 and 25, the age of maturity. It is often referred to as wisdom teeth instead of teeth 8. This tooth can grow from 1 to 4 pieces depending on the case.

Types of wisdom teeth growth

    • Teeth that normally grow straight;
    • Teeth grow about 45 degrees;
    • Horizontal teeth (90 degrees deviation);
    • 90 degree ingrown teeth
Wisdom teeth grow 45 degrees wrong into the teeth next to it

Should I have my teeth removed or not?

With straight wisdom teeth can further support the process of chewing people. However, these teeth often grow off due to local obstructions, causing a push of the teeth throughout the jaw. Not only that, because it grows in the same, wisdom teeth are often easy to lead food, bacteria cause cavities or inflammation. Therefore, dentists often recommend removing if you are in good condition.


Where wisdom teeth should be removed

    • Teeth that grow out of step, push, affect other teeth;
    • Decayed, inflamed teeth;
    • In case wisdom teeth on one side only grow in one jaw, it can cause teeth upsights that cause gums to drop;
    • Teeth grow horizontally, ingrown, with the gums causing swelling, aches and pains;
    • And some other cases need an examination to determine.

Cases of consinted wisdom tooth extraction

    • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding;
    • Persons undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy;
    • Persons with heart and neurological diseases and without the consent of a doctor treating these conditions;
    • People with acute inflammation in the wisdom tooth area, need to treat inflammation before extraction;
    • People with blood diseases; etc….


The procedure for wisdom tooth extraction at Flora is strict, in accordance with the safety requirements in dentistry of the Ministry of Health with 4 steps:

General examination

First, the client will receive a full-body health checkup and dental condition. Especially in the area where wisdom teeth need to be removed. Pathologies such as soft tissue inflammation (gingivitis) in that wisdom tooth area (if any) need to be treated first before the wisdom teeth are removed.

Coming to Flora Dentistry, each customer will take an X-ray with the Cone Beam CT machine during the general examination. X-rays and 3D films will allow the doctor to clearly see the shape and type of wisdom teeth. From there, come up with a suitable but safe way to spit.

Oral hygiene, anesthesia

The customer’s oral cavity will be cleaned to ensure a safe environment during tooth extraction. The doctor will then give local anesthesia to insempathetic areas before spitting. Therefore, in the process of removing wisdom teeth, customers will not feel any pain at all.

Wisdom tooth removal

Depending on the condition of wisdom teething of each customer, the process of removing wisdom teeth will take place differently.

With straight teeth, it will be easier to remove teeth, similar to other common molars.

With misaligned teeth, underground growth; The doctor needs to flip the flap, open the bone. In cases where the root of the tooth grows complicated, the doctor will need to use an ultrasound machine to cut the jam, divide the teeth and in turn remove the small patches of teeth. This will not damage the bones, gums and the next tooth area.

Care after wisdom tooth extraction

After wisdom teeth are removed, there will be a case of bleeding. You should hold cotton wool for the first 30 minutes – 1 hour. If the bleeding continues, you should drink cool water or apply cool water to stop the bleeding faster. For the first 1-2 days avoid eating hot food. You can brush your teeth normally.

From the 2nd day after wisdom tooth extraction, you can completely brush your teeth, rinse your mouth normally. If you have swelling, from the 3rd day you can apply warm compresses and should avoid eating or drinking cold drinks to reduce the swelling faster. In addition, you will take additional antibiotics prescribed by your doctor to increase your body’s resistance.

Any suspicious questions or phenomena, you should consult your doctor right away to ensure the condition. Find out more ways to help reduce pain when teething wisdom teeth here.


ServicePrice ( / 1 tooth ) – VND unit
Straight wisdom tooth extraction1.500.000
Wisdom tooth extraction level 12.000.000
Wisdom tooth extraction level 23.000.000
3rd level misaligned wisdom tooth extraction (complex underground growing)5.000.000


With the following 03 advantages, Flora believes that customers should choose our dentistry

1. Accurate diagnosis

Tooth 8 is teeth with complex growth patterns. Especially the teeth. In order to be able to accurately diagnose as well as plan the appropriate spitting, customers will pay for X-ray, 3D film with high-tech equipment. Thanks to this, it is possible to clearly see the complete shape of the tooth 8, even in the case of underground growth with a beet, which gives a perfect treatment regimen.

2. Highly specialized, experienced doctors

Having performed thousands of wisdom tooth extractions, the team of doctors at Flora Dentistry is always confident with their workmanship. Safety – effectiveness is the method of all our doctors.

Maxillofacial dentist Nguyen Dac Minh
Maxillofacial dentist Nguyen Dac Minh

Learn more about Dr. Nguyen Dac Minh

3. Avoid non-intrusive limits

Because the innermost teeth often grow stuck, wisdom tooth extraction is at high risk of affecting the next tooth area. Not only that, with the teeth of 8 lower jaws, when performing removal it is necessary to note the range of lower jaw nerves.

With X-ray film, the film is sliced from the Cone Beam CT machine, allowing for the identification of millimeters. Help your doctor avoid non-invasive limits and not damage soft tissue and the adjacent tooth area. Thanks to this, you can safely choose Flora Dentistry to perform quick wisdom tooth removal – safe and effective.

Film cuts off before wisdom teeth removed

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