Grinding teeth is a mandatory operation that needs to be performed before wrapping porcelain teeth, restore the teeth, help change the teeth really so that they fit snugly with porcelain teeth without the occurrence of warping. What is the invy ultra 3p porcelain tooth coating technology? Let’s find out with Flora through the article below.

1. Principles in the process of grinding teeth

  • Grinding must not exceed the standard rate.
  • It does not invade the marrow.
  • Grind your teeth so that you retain the best porcelain crown.
principle of grinding porcelain teeth
Principle of grinding porcelain teeth

Grinding teeth is the use of specialized tools for small grinding of two teeth that need aesthetically wrapped porcelain teeth. Grinding teeth is done quite gently but requires precise proportions on either side and usually does not exceed 2mm.

2. Does the pulp grind hurt and does it affect you?

Grinding teeth is a dental technique that loses part of the real tooth tissue, more or less this operation also causes the outer tooth enamel to be damaged. However, grinding teeth with pain does not depend largely on the professional qualifications of the doctor in addition to the technique of restoration at dentistry.

  • Highly skilled doctors: will have good experience and professional skills to ensure a successful dental grinding, customers will no longer feel pain or pain.
  • Dental grinding technique: The doctor will make the perfect grinding line, that do not violate the dentin and pulp, surely customers will not feel too much pain.
porcelain tooth grinding illustration
Porcelain tooth grinding illustration

The grinding of porcelain teeth will not affect the customer. However, if the customer chooses an unreliable, poor quality dental address, there will be many complications as follows:

  • The tooth grinding due to the grinding of the teeth penetrates the pulp chamber.
  • Grinding non-standard teeth will cause the crown to be canaled.
  • Grinding non-standard teeth easily damages the tooth structure causing teeth to break and damage.

3. Some notes before and after grinding teeth

  • Cases where teeth are allowed to be sharpened for porcelain wrap: Can only be applied to cases where the teeth are turned or misaligned at a mild level, broken and heavily colored … If the teeth are shouting, mingling, wrong bites are heavy, the porcelain teeth should not be done but braces will be better
  • For grinding teeth, grinding canines, grinding in front teeth are shouted … More attention needs to be paid to the locations that greatly affect facial aesthetics.
  • Teeth that are too weak will not be strong enough to support porcelain crowns, leading to the condition that porcelain crowns are prone to fall or break both real teeth and cause great damage to teeth and gums.
  • It is necessary to choose reputable dentistry to perform dental grinding as this is an important step in the porcelain dental upholstery process.
  • After grinding your teeth, you should have a reasonable dental care regimen to be able to use it for a long time, avoiding cases of swelling, inflammation, infection causing tooth loss.

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