Porcelain tooth cover It is currently a trend of dental beauty that many people prefer. However, this method if too much overuse of the grinding of teeth or the technique of the doctor is not good will adversely affect oral health.

1. The mouth has an unpleasant smell

The condition will appear with cheap porcelain teeth , the quality is not guaranteed. After only a short time of use, it will be degraded and smell bad due to the influence of oral drilling solution.

The mouth smells bad.
The mouth smells bad.

Besides, with cheap porcelain teeth, it will be difficult to squeeze with the pulp. Thereby creating loopholes, making food easy to get into, causing bacteria to grow.

2. Gingivitis

The condition usually appears due to two reasons:

Poorly skilled doctors

Grinding tooth tissue is too much or invasive to the biological range, leading to gum inflammation.

Bad quality porcelain teeth

Causes the gum area to become red due to irritation or bleeding, affecting chewing function.

3. Black border of the root of the tooth

Most of the causes of this condition are due to the use of metal porcelain teeth. Teeth will be easily oxidized causing blackening of the gums, causing loss of aesthetics when laughing and communicating.

4. Fragile porcelain teeth, batches

Porcelain teeth are chiseled
Porcelain teeth are chiseled

One of the signs of recognizing quality porcelain teeth is to ensure durability, hardness and heat resistance to perform the most optimal chewing function.

Cheap porcelain teeth, not guaranteed quality will easily break, batch when eating food too hard or too tough.

5. Opening of the root of the tooth

This condition appears due to the poorly skilled doctor, assembling tight air leading to the opening of the neck of the teeth.

There are also some cases where there is no definitive treatment of pathologies but still carry out porcelain teeth. After a while, gingivitis will appear, gingivitis, gingivitis causing exposing porcelain root.

6. Adverse effects on real teeth

Real teeth are grinded too much.
Real teeth are ground too much.

If the dentistry you send works unprofessionally, grinding too much will be affected, planting porcelain teeth in the wrong technique makes the teeth feel droopy, uncomfortable, weakened, worse than damage to the original teeth.

It can be said that the consequences of poor quality porcelain teeth or performed by skilled doctors who do not master the expertise, lack of experience are very worrying.

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Many readers after wrapping porcelain teeth of unknown origin, serious damage to real teeth, leading to feelings in communication and wondering with Flora dentistry whether to wrap porcelain teeth?

Depending on the actual condition, we will only make sure to help the patient as much as possible, trying to return confidence to the patient.

Hopefully with the above notes about the
porcelain teeth wrap
Poor quality will cause complications from Flora dentistry, which has somewhat helped readers understand more about this service. For even teeth, naturally bright white, please contact us immediately at hotline 028.7305.8999.