Invisalign braces are designed correctly for each separate case

Separate braces in each person are specifically grounded in the condition of the teeth. Typically, Invisalign braces after having accurate data on tooth structure, correlation of teeth, the doctor will give a roadmap and a personalised tray set.

1. How is the procedure of invisalign braces at dentistry?

To understand more about personalized Invisalign braces you will first look through the specific braces procedure. The braces procedure will go through 6 stages of treatment:

Separate Braces Tray Invisalign Personalized
Separate Braces Tray Invisalign Personalized
  • Phase 1: General examination. Before each dental procedure, the doctor checks the health and oral conditions to ensure safety during treatment.
  • Stage 2: X-ray and jaw marker. After ensuring that the teeth are eligible for braces, the doctor will take a film to get an overview of the relationship of teeth, jaw bones,… And take the jaw mark to make the correct Invisalign brace tray.
  • Phase 3: Preview of treatment roadmap and braces results
  • Phase 4: Attachment attachment and customer guidance wearing braces
  • Stage 5: Regular check-up every 2-3 months or when having problems wearing trays
  • Stage 6: End the treatment process when the tray is replaced and the jaw is maintained as prescribed by the doctor.

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2. CT scans for tooth marks – it is the most accurate method for separate cases

“Computed tomography (also known as CT scans) is a technique that uses multiple X-rays to scan up a certain part of the body in a cross-sectional slice, combined with computer processing to produce 2- or 3-dimensional images of the area to be taken.”

During the whole process of braces, the filming and marking of teeth is very important, requiring high accuracy. Because the data needs to be accurate to send to the Invisalign center in the US to make personalized trays. If there are deviations in the evaluation process, it will lead to the wrong tray fabrication and comprehensively affect the brace process. Therefore, you should choose reputable dentists and good doctors to pay for.

X-ray to ensure braces results
X-ray to ensure braces results

Flora Dentistry is a prestigious Invisalign braces address with direct consultation and treatment from a specialist – Dr. Nguyen Dac Minh. Dr. Minh has many years of experience in dental and orthodontic treatment, which is trusted and recommended by many customers. In addition, Flora also has a modern equipment system typical of international standard film camera – CT Cone Beam machine, supporting doctors to craft trays accurately and effectively.

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3. Time for installation of invisalign braces for each separate case

Invisalign braces are made entirely in the United States. Therefore, when visiting and taking dental marks, you need to wait a while for the doctor in Vietnam to send information to the US and wait for the tray set to be crafted. The time of the brace tray is about 2-3 days.

When receiving the tray set, the doctor will attach attachment and instruct the customer to wear the tray right at home. On each set of trays there will be a specific wear time guide so you can safely replace the simple tray at home with your own separate braces.

4. How does flora dentistry in HO CHI MINH CITY perform invisalign braces?

How invisalign braces saved KOL Thao Nhi?

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