Dental technology is becoming more and more modern including invisalign braces. Right now, let’s also find out the method that is popular in Vietnam today.

1. What are Invisalign braces?

The phrase Invisalign is a compound word of the letters Invisible (invisible) and slign (adjusted) that describes the main characteristics of the transparent brace method. This is one of the methods of non-braces. Instead of using braces attached to the teeth and a fixed bow cord that creates traction, Invisalign adjusts the position of the teeth based on the transparent brace tray that looks like nothing tight to the tooth.

invisalign transparent jaw
Invisalign Transparent Jaws

2. What is Invisalign?

Disa bishop is a familiar term in Invisalign, which is to move large mortars (molars) backwards to create more space, the purpose of moving away from the mortar is to address the crowding missing intervals or treat the bites level 2.3 (shouting, móm) or a combination of both.

Doctors will often use the technique of moving away in cases where teeth are not removed, in various ways, such as tools in the mouth, removable jaws, with or without a bone-blocking anchor (minivis).

Invisalign is proven to be effective and clinically feasible with numerous studies in levels 2 and 3 treatments without tooth extraction. Traveling is also one of the ways to create space in Invisalign. The process of traveling in a sequence will usually take place over a long time because it takes a lot of trays, usually more than 35 trays, to ensure safety and feasibility.

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3. What is attachment?

transparent braces invisalign
Transparent braces invisalign

Attachment is an important part of the Invisalign braces method and has many different names such as force button, blocker, brace blocker. Attachment has two main functions: the brace tray fixer and the force mount button of the brace tray.

Attachment will be attached to the patient during the first jaw tray. It is then fixed in the next corrective functions. This part is removed only during the period of wearing maintenance functions.

Currently in braces, invisalign transparent braces are the most current method. After the examination and jaw, the doctor will mark the jaw and send the data back to the US. Your tray set will be made in the US in accordance with that parameter and sent to Vietnam. When receiving the tray set the doctor will attach attachment and instruct you to wear the tray.

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