A smile is always a self-deprecating one for many people. Folk often think: openness is ungrateful, open advantages are bad anthropology … Although it is not accurate, this also makes those who laugh at themselves feel guilty about themselves. With the development of medicine and technology today, open-ended laughter has become more popular. However, in order to have the most effective course, it is necessary to understand: what is the cause of open laughter? How good is the healing process?

According to the Eastern concept,
is often judged as unattractive. Women who laugh and suffer many things such as living profligately, not collecting for their families, having a precarious life, … In cosmetic studies, a beautiful smile is a smile that has a harmonious combination of the three elements of teeth, lips and gums. When laughing the gums reveal a lot will break the aforementioned balance, affecting the overall aesthetic of the face.

The difference in
can be overcome by many different methods. This article provides the latest information on the treatment of cleft laughter.


Open smile is a condition where the distance from the neckline of the teeth to the upper lip contour exceeds 3mm when smiling. This is not an oral pathology, but a defect. The gum tissue is exposed when laughing in the wrong proportions, causing the smile to lose its inherent beauty. From there, it is easy to develop a self-deprecating mentality and afraid to laugh out loud.

Smile treatment at Flora
What is laughter?

The percentage of Vietnamese people laughing is now up to 60%, which is a fairly common condition in both men and women. The main effect that open smiles cause is the effect on the aesthetics, charm of the face and smile. Men usually don’t take this issue seriously. In contrast, in women, laughing is an unnecessary weakness. Currently with the continuous development of dental technology, many different treatments have been born, which can overcome laughter up to 100%.


Based on studies of the golden ratio of smiles, in medicine, open smiles are divided into 4 different levels. Comprise:

    • Light degree:

The gum tissue is exposed more than 3mm, accounting for 25% of < the length of the crown.

    • Average:

The percentage of gum tissue exposed is 25-50% of the length of the tooth stem.

    • Severity:

The percentage of gum tissue exposed is > 50% of the length of the crown.

    • Very heavy:

The percentage of gum tissue exposed is > 100% of the length of the crown.

The article reads:

Should we cure laughter or not?

The levels of laughter are beneficial.
The levels of laughter are beneficial.

The reason for such different levels is that in each case, the cause of laughter can be different. These include:

    • Dental causes: The crown is short, covered with too much gums.
    • Cause of tooth socket bone: The tooth socket bone is too thick, the gums are hypertrophic.
    • Lip causes: The sysmchanical muscles are so large that the lips are pulled up too much when laughing.

A lot of good laughs are caused by two or three combined causes. For each cause there will be a corresponding treatment. The smiley defect can be overcome up to 100%.

You must have found the answer to “should you cure laughter?” So what are the ways to cure laughter?


    • Method 1: Shape the gums to length the crown of the teeth simply

This method is indicated for cases of open smile due to short, over-covered gums. There are currently two methods: plastic gum removal surgery and laser cutting. Depending on the condition of each client, the doctor will give the indication for the most effective surgery. Accordingly, part of your gums will be removed to reveal the crown in the right length, ensuring the golden ratio as follows:

Tooth positionStandard length (mm)
Middle innings (upper jaw)10.5
Side innings (upper jaw)9.0
Fangs (upper jaw)10.0
Small mortar teeth 19.3
Small mortar teeth 28.8

Gum shaping that lengths the crown simply DOES NOT recur.

Contains smiley cleft lip-cutting aesthetic gums using Laser technology
Cosmetic gum cutting method using Laser technology
    • Method 2: Shaping gums combined with bone correction

This method is indicated for the case of open smile due to two combined causes: short tooth stems, too thick tooth socket bones. For such a combination cause, it is impossible to intervene with laser technology. The doctor will perform plastic gum removal surgery with bone correction. Accordingly, part of your gums will be removed to reveal the crown at the right length. At the same time, the impact on the bone of the tooth socket reduces the volume in excess of the proportion.

Gum shaping combined with adesitment of the socket bone does NOT recur.

    • Method 3: Lip positioning

This method is indicated for the case of open smile due to the environment, large sysmchanical muscle force. The technique used in this method is surgery to drain the corridor. Thereby reducing the traction of the upper lip muscle when laughing, overcoming open laughter.

Lip positioning is a method that can recur depending on the characteristics of each person’s sysmchant that will not recur, or recur after 3-5 years.


The pain control system is built on years of proprietary research and development at Flora Dentistry. The medical team with high level and years of experience is the one who best understands the concerns of customers before, during and after the treatment. The top question is: “Does it hurt to cure laughter?”

From there, the pain control system was born to bring a whole new experience to customers to treat cleft palate. 30 minutes of QUICK, PAINLESS treatment is the biggest success this system can bring.

Pain Control System at Flora Dentistry
Pain Control System at Flora Dentistry

The pain management system is strictly applied throughout the smile treatment process at
Flora Dentistry
. Ensure “smoothness” before, during and after treatment.


Flora Dentistry always receives credibility, is a prestigious smile and smile treatment address in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM thanks to:

  • Treatment for 30 minutes.
  • Good luck after 72:00.
  • Normal activities after treatment.
  • No pain, little swelling is hard to notice.
  • Application of the exclusive pain control system.
  • Done by a highly skilled doctor.

Over the past year,
Flora Dentistry
has treated smiles, delivering perfect results for more than 1000 customers. In particular, 90% of cases thoroughly overcome laughter, the remaining 10% overcome up to 95% of smiles.

Customers with open smile treatment - Thanh Thu
Customers with open smile treatment – Thanh Thu

Thanh Thu customer
– I was instructed to shape the gums and position the lips, completely able to go to work normally after treatment. No pain because the doctor is very gentle, the swelling is very little, anyone who notices carefully will realize. My recovery time is only a few days. Now I’m confident laughing.

Customers treating smiles - Huy Cuong
Customers treating smiles – Huy Cuong

Huy Cuong – True to the name “Smooth Dentistry”. I find everything in Flora to be light. He cut the gums and made 6 porcelain teeth because the previous teeth were both short and not beautiful. Change your confidence and laugh. Thank you, Dr. Minh.

Smile Treatment - Van Anh Customer
Van Anh Customer

Van Anh customer
– Know Flora also through Facebook, feel quite prestigious so I come to heal the benefits. Now I’m attached to this place. The doctor is good and dedicated, I heal quickly, cut after only 1 week. Now that I laugh more confidently, everyone praises me.

Thu Hoai Customer - Smiley Treatment
Thu Hoai Customer – Smiley Treatment

Thu Hoai Customer
– I laughed at the weight and used to be very self-deprecating, but that was it before. I can laugh at you whenever I’m happy. My surgery was quite quick about 30 minutes, full anesthesia so there was no pain at all. I’m very pleased.


How much does the treatment of open laughter cost?” will depend on the cause and method used to cure open laughter. Besides, a number of other factors that will determine the cost of the treatment include:

  • Dental facilities
  • Applied technology
  • Doctor’s workmanship
  • Postoperative care regimen

The healing of open laughter directly affects your health and aesthetics, so you should not choose cheap open laughter. A cheap service will not be able to fully guarantee the above important factors. Instead, consider carefully “where is good for good laughter?”

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Price list of smile treatment at Flora Dentistry


Everyone needs to change their smile for the better, better every day. However, not everyone is financially qualified to do so. Therefore, at Flora Dentistry, we apply a 0% interest rate instalmation healing program with many utilities:

  • No interest
  • No installment fees
  • No upfront requests
  • Customers have the option of installment term:
    3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 1 year.
0 interest instalm installments at Flora
0% interest instalm at Flora



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