Many customers are looking for a prestigious dental address in District 3 to make porcelain teeth but do not know which dental option to choose in the middle of a dental “forest” growing. Therefore, the choice of a quality and prestigious dental address in District 3 to make porcelain teeth is essential.

1. Flora Dentistry – Prestigious Dental Address in District 3

Flora Dentistry has a team of doctors who are highly trained in dental teeth, have many successful experiences for thousands of porcelain dental covers each year. With the desire to bring the most prestigious and best service to customers, Flora Dentistry is always updated with modern technology equipment. In addition, the process performed at dentistry is always guaranteed to be sterile, safe and effective for each customer.

2. Criteria for selecting a prestigious porcelain dental address

  • Customer reviews

What customers have experienced the service at Flora Dentistry is satisfied and very happy to step after each small surgery from the dental team. The dedicated care, the quality of each guest expressed their feelings when interviewed. This is the prestigious address in District 3 for porcelain dental services.

See more about customer reviews at YouTube channel: Flora dentistry

  • Doctor’s workmanship

For a reputable dentist, the doctor’s workmanship determines largely whether porcelain teeth are successful or not. Because the team of highly skilled doctors when covering prestigious porcelain teeth in Ho Chi Minh City will not cause unnecessary complications for their customers.

  • Facilities, equipment and porcelain dental technology

Facilities at the clinic, modern equipment is a matter of concern at Flora Dentistry. Flora’s dentistry is equipped with a 3D Cone Beam CT system – a type of X-RAY that allows the dentist to see detailed images of the bones. It also helps to evaluate diseases of the jaw, teeth, structure on the face, nasal cavity. And in particular, not all dentists can invest in such a large device.


3. Price list at Flora Dentistry for porcelain dental upholstery service.

Sample research2 functionsFree
Cosmetic Dental Maket (Cosmetic Tooth Preview Plan)2 functionsFree
Jaws kept space for children (tooth loss before tooth replacement)1 tooth1,500,000


Makeshift teeth with Luxatem1 toothFree
Muscle balance trough1 function3,000,000
Anti-ê trough1 function1,200,000
Anti-grinding trough1 function1,200,000
All-porcelain fake pulp casting1 tooth4,000,000
Cr-Co Metal Comprehensive Teeth1 tooth1,200,000


Titanium Porcelain Teeth1 tooth2,500,000
Zirconia Porcelain Teeth1 tooth5,000,000
Emax Zic Porcelain Teeth1 tooth6,000,000
Cercon porcelain teeth1 tooth6,000,000
Cercon HT-Emax Press Porcelain Teeth1 tooth7,000,000


Lava Plus-3M ESPE & Emaxx Zic Cad Porcelain Teeth1 tooth8,000,000
Emax Porcelain Veneer Level 11 tooth7,000,000
Emax Porcelain Veneer Level 21 tooth8,000,000
Bite lift1 shift20,000,000
Brushing teeth1 tooth5,000,000




Dental equipment is also one of the most important factors determining the cost of porcelain teeth should be thoroughly studied before porcelain teeth.