When did transparent braces become a trend in dentistry?

The trend of transparent braces is popular today because of aesthetics and pain restriction. Not only that, transparent braces also indicate the results of braces to help customers easily visualize the face, molars after braces to be motivated to brace.

1. What are transparent braces?

Invisible braces are modern orthodontic methods with transparent trays. The inner tray hugs the teeth to help the teeth move every day. Invisalign braces are suitable for cases of sparse teeth, teeth, teeth or misaligned bites,…

Invisalign braces - modern braces trend
Invisalign braces – modern braces trend

Usually at the beginning of the braces process, the doctor will examine, take the jaw mark and then be sent to the US to make trays. Upon receipt of the tray set, the doctor attaches attachment and instructs the customer to wear the tray.

Due to the ease of cleaning, customers can wear and replace trays at home. The number of trays will depend on the customer’s oral condition and usually the customer will change the tray every 2 weeks until the tray is finished.

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What are the benefits of transparent braces?

2. Benefits of transparent braces

Invisalign braces offer many effective orthodontic benefits such as:

  • Throughout ensuring a natural aesthetic, you can confidently both braces and communicate effectively. This is because the transparent tray hugs the teeth, so it is difficult to recognize when talking or laughing.
  • The ability to control movement effectively. At each stage the braces will correspond to each set of trays. Each of these trays is measured according to the regimen and support of technology 4.0, invisalign center will produce brace trays in accordance with the specified regimen. Each Invisalign tray will correspond to each stage in the treatment regimen and create the appropriate force for the teeth to move into the right position as calculated.
Invisalign braces are adjusted according to the route
Invisalign braces are adjusted according to the route
  • Brace results can be foreseen through Clincheck 3D video software. This is the advantage and advantage that traditional methods of braces do not have.
  • The brace tray is easy to remove. Not as fixed as braces, Invisalign is portable for cleaning or eating. However, it is important to wear the tray 20-22 hours a day to ensure the result of braces.

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3. The price of transparent braces is higher than that of regular braces

With the advanced and modern invisalign braces have a higher price than conventional braces. Because of the higher price, Invisalign braces also have outstanding advantages such as high aesthetics, limiting pain and shortening the duration of braces.

The brace method is suitable for those who need to shorten the time but still ensure aesthetics, does not affect the work such as flight attendants, singers, actors, athletes,…. Because the inner tray is not exposed when speaking or laughing, at the same time it is possible to remove the tray for eating, oral hygiene and sports without worrying about dropping braces or tearing cheeks and tongues as the usual brace method.

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4. What is the reason why transparent braces become a trend in dentistry

Work, social needs are factors that help Invisalign braces become a modern braces trend. As mentioned above Invisalign is both aesthetically pleasing and effectively shifting teeth in a short time in line with the current orthodontic trend.

Invisalign teeth are naturally beautiful.
Invisalign teeth are naturally beautiful.

Not only that, this is a time-saving orthodontic method. You can change your tray at home without going to the dentist every week. Therefore, if you are having braces that you have to travel for business or travel, you do not need to worry. Not only that, the trend of Invisalign braces is portable you can take off eating, enjoying the full taste of food. Contact Flora Dentistry for a free check-up and update the latest Invisalign braces trend.