4 Signs You May Need To Wear Braces At Night

Wear invisalign braces at night to maintain brace results. However, not everyone is required to wear braces at night, depending on each case that the doctor has certain treatment indications.

1. How long do braces usually last?

How long to wear braces is a question that many people who intend to have braces ask. How long braces last depends on the condition of the teeth as well as the method of braces chosen.

The duration of braces depends on the method of braces.
The duration of braces depends on the method of braces.

For cases of less deviant teeth, the braces only last from 6 months to 1.5 years. For cases of severe misalignment of teeth, longer treatment is needed, usually about 1-3 years. The duration of treatment will be based on the doctor’s indication after the examination process.

For those who choose braces, they usually have longer results than Invisalign braces. Transparent braces tightly move the teeth every day, so the treatment time is only from 6 months – 2 years. For braces, the time will last about 2-3 years or more.
In some cases after braces you must wear night braces as prescribed by your doctor. So what is the case of wearing braces every day at night?

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2. 4 signs that make you need to wear braces at night

When there are signs related to the following 4 factors, you will be prescribed braces by your doctor when going to bed such as:

2.1 Periodontal tissue factor, gum

When braces pull the teeth to a new location, it also entails periodontal tissue and gums. After the braces have stabilized but the periodontal ligament is still unstable, it takes about 8 months to achieve stability. Therefore in the beginning it always tends to pull the teeth back to the original position. Therefore, teeth need to be fixed for a long enough period of time for the bundles of adult fibers in the new position. Therefore, the doctor will order to wear braces daily to stabilize the gum tissue.

2.2 Age factors

Braces are suitable for all ages, but the most beautiful age for braces is from 7 to 12 years old. At older ages braces require longer braces to move teeth, because the teeth are now firmly stable. In addition to the long braces, specialists also note: “For adults to wear them for as long as possible, for children who are in their teens for a minimum of 3 years.”

Wear braces while sleeping to ensure braces
Wear braces while sleeping to ensure braces

2.3 Dental shift factor due to chewing

In some cases after braces due to eating too much hard foods, there are signs of teeth running. To overcome the condition, your doctor will order you to wear braces throughout the day to maintain the best brace results.

2.4 Displacement factors due to bad habits

Some people have bad habits when sleeping such as grinding their teeth, pushing their tongue,… It can easily lead to pushed teeth. Wearing braces at night helps to limit these bad habits while ensuring braces.

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3. How to take care of your teeth during invisalign braces

Currently, transparent braces are the method of braces chosen by many people because of the perfect aesthetic, limiting pain as well as easy in oral hygiene. In order for your teeth to be stable and healthy, you should take note of the following care:

  • Clean your teeth 2-3 times a day. Note the choice of soft toothbrush, brush your teeth gently vertically to ensure your teeth are cleaned.
  • Clean the brace tray before putting it back on the jaw
  • It is recommended to choose soft foods that limit chewing to ensure the results of braces according to the roadmap
  • Supplement with good foods for the teeth such as fresh fruits, dairy foods, cereals,…
  • Combining tooth cleaning with flossing, mouthwash
Proper oral hygiene to keep your teeth healthy
Proper oral hygiene to keep your teeth healthy

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