Porcelain tooth wrap or aesthetic porcelain tooth wrap is the technique of covering the entire body of the tooth by a layer of porcelain. This is an aesthetic dental restoration solution, bringing the standard shape, bright white color and ensuring the chewing function is exactly the same as the dark teeth. Currently, Flora Dentistry is applying 3Perfect Makeover porcelain dental technology.

1. 3Perfect Makeover Dental Technology at Flora Dentistry

Researched and developed exclusively by the medical team – doctors at Flora Dentistry for many years. With 3Perfect Makeover technology will be the perfect choice in cosmetic dental restoration through many outstanding advantages from this method.

porcelain dental quality at FLora

1.1. Perfect aesthetic

  • Naturalness: The color and the gloss of porcelain teeth are factors that tell us the naturalness of porcelain teeth. The doctor will be the one who chooses the color of porcelain teeth that best suit the natural face based on years of experience and expertise in the profession.
  • Make porcelain teeth using cad/cam system: Thanks to the meticulous and sophisticated process of crafting, porcelain crowns are created with clarity and gloss no different from real teeth. The edge of the bite is handled sharply, clear. It is difficult to distinguish from real teeth, even when examined with X-rays.
  • Harmony: In 3Perfect Makeover porcelain tooth technology, Smile Design software is applied in the design and preview of smiles. Put the golden ratio of 1/1,618 in Pythagoras aesthetic knowledge into use in porcelain tooth design. A tooth is considered beautiful when the size correlation between height and width is approximately the proportion of gold consistently between the teeth.

1.2. Perfect technique

  • Porcelain dental cover is a technique that requires absolute accuracy in engineering. At Flora Dentistry, we are proud of our well-trained medical team and doctors with many years of experience.
  • Dental enamel treatment/grinding techniques are the most important in porcelain tooth restoration. In 3Pefect Makeover technology, the treatment of enamel or grinding teeth is minimal, only from 0.0 to 0.7mm. Preserve root teeth up to 99%. The restoration process is carefully cared for, not invasive, does not hurt the surrounding areas.

1.3. Lifetime quality

In 3Pefect Makeover porcelain teeth, all porcelain teeth used are crafted under the CAD/CAM system for excellent light thinness, but ensure durability. The bearing capacity of porcelain teeth is 4-6 times that of real teeth. If properly cared for, the life expectancy of porcelain teeth will be up to a lifetime.

2. Porcelain Dental Upholstery Process 3Perfect Makeover

With 3Perfect Makeover porcelain teeth , the time to restore porcelain teeth is shortened, FAST – HIGH AESTHETIC.

The process of porcelain teeth is completed in only 3 appointments, relieves long-term anxiety.

Porcelain dental upholstery procedure 3 appointments

1: Visiting, planning treatment

2nd time: Oral hygiene, temporary dental marks, anesthesia, grinding of teeth

3rd time: Try porcelain teeth, fix porcelain teeth, guide, care and re-examination according to the doctor’s appointment.

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