90% of respondents to a survey of people who had dental work done admitted that their fear of the pain and anxiety associated with sitting in the dental chair caused them to delay or postpone getting the work done. In order to offer every patient a completely pain-free experience during treatment and relieve their fear of pain, Flora Dental has successfully researched and created a special pain control system. What are the remarkable advantages of this system and how does it function? Read the article below to learn more.

1. What causes pain?

The nervous system regulates pain, which is a very extremely complex process. When an external force acts on our body, pain is created. The level of pain will vary depending on each person’s physical health.

For instance, when getting a shot, the shot affects the body and, in some people, causes a slight stinging. On the other hand, it may feel intensely painful in some weaker physical bodies.

2. The importance of a painless process in dentistry

Pain can affect the immune system, lengthen the time it takes the body to recover, negatively impact sleep, disrupt with daily activities, and even impact chewing. On the other hand, if the pain occurs or worsens up during the course of treatment, patients become obsessed on it and stop going to the doctor.

Patients will be less worried, more psychologically calm, and more inspired to fully treat the disease when pain is minimized and controlled.

Keeping this mind, the medical team at Flora Dental worked together with Swiss experts to research, develop, and successfully produce a high-quality, effective, and efficient pain control system is only being used in Flora Dental Clinic.

3. The technique that Flora Dental Clinic’s pain control technology works

The features of the pain control system are as follows:

EP Technology (Ephemeral Pain)

EP technology works by controlling nerve activity with electromagnetic fields, which reduces pain perception in the brain. EP is a pain-relieving technique used concurrently with treatment that is non-invasive and has no sensational impact on the patient.

The DentalVibe device uses EP technology in combination. Healthcare experts from all around the world agree that this device is the most cutting-edge and effective painless anesthetic equipment currently available on the market. One of the first dental offices in Vietnam to use this technology in treating Vietnamese patients is Flora Dental, which is proud of its accomplishment.

The way of operation is very simple:

The machine generates slight vibrations in the gums near the injection site when the doctor turns it on and administers the anesthetic.

When injection and vibration occur simultaneously, the DentalVibe device’s vibration will reach at the brain first and block the brain from receiving the signal from the injection. The patient won’t experience any pain as a result of the anesthetic injection.

Medical team

With the slogan “Each customer is a family member,” the medical team at Flora Dental Clinic always gives treatment their best, using accurate, kind, and careful treatment to reduce the rate of pain. Customers will always feel relaxation as a result of EP technology, from the simplest service (removal of tartar) to more complex treatment services (surgery).

All of the dentists and nurses at Flora Dental Clinic received their degrees in excellence from the Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy. In addition, 80 percent of the doctors employed by Flora dental clinic received their education in Switzerland. Furthermore, all doctors have previous experience working at Dental Hospital.

Customer service staff and nurses

In addition to being professionally trained, the team of customer service and nursing specialists assists in calming and encouraging patients during the course of therapy. Flora promises to meet the following standards:

  • Previous to therapy: Release the fear of pain
  • Throughout the treatment process: Encourage and passionately assist patients
  • After the process: Be careful and call your clients each month


No longer a small room with four cold walls like other dentist clinics available. When the space is largely open, with balconies and trees, Flora Dental makes a difference. Providing patients with the most pleasant and cozy dentist clinic possible, reducing their anxiety of the dentist or clinic.

Additionally, Flora Dental continuously emphasizes the importance of music and scent. The patient will experience these two things during the treatment process.

Customers will sense a soft lavender fragrance as soon as they approach the dental clinic, which helps to soothe nerves and reduce anxiety. along with soft, lyrical melodies.

4. Conclusion

More than a thousand customers have tested Flora Dental’s innovative pain control technology. For instance, Diem Chau got EASY Implant in Flora and is completely satisfied with the facility’s quality and customer care.

She said that during the entire implant process, she experienced no pain or discomfort. The medical professionals are courteous and skilled. She had no difficulties during the healing process and continued to work normally.

Flora’s mission and goal is to always provide customers with a PAIN-FREE, comfortable dental treatment.

If a customer inquires, “What makes Flora Dental Clinic stand out and different from other dentists in the industry? Flora would answer with assurance that it is a remarkable pain relief technique. All of our customers have used this amazing technique of ours and are entirely delighted.

Please get in touch with Flora at Hotline 028 7305 8999 to book a doctor’s appointment and receive a free CT ConeBeam scan!