The cost of planting teeth Implants are the issue that many aunts/ uncles, brothers / sisters are most concerned about today when deciding to proceed with treatment. The entire cost package will depend on factors such as: the quality of implants, the price of porcelain crowns used or what is the loss of teeth? For more information about the above information, Flora Dentistry would like to invite her/uncle, brother/sister to refer to the following article.

1. Price list for planting 1 tooth

The cost of planting one dental implant at Flora Dentistry
The cost of planting a dental implant at Flora Dentistry

The price list of 1 dental implant will be applied to the loss of 1 and many teeth. Each type of pillar will have different pros and cons. Depending on the loss of teeth and financial ability, you can choose the appropriate type of pillar.

How to calculate package prices: Implant Pillar + Abutment + Porcelain Crown + Related Service Cost

Pillar type Unit Cost
Korean Implant Pillar – Dentium 1 pillar 15.000.000
American Implant Pillar – Dentium 1 pillar 21.000.000
French Implant Pillar – Tekka 1 pillar 23.000.000
Swiss Implant Pillar – Implantswiss 1 pillar 27.000.000
Swiss Implant Pillar – Straumann SLA 1 pillar 29.000.000
Swiss Implant Pillar – Straumann SLA Active 1 pillar 34.000.000

2. Full-jaw implant price list

For aunts/ uncles, you have the need to restore molars , so refer to the price list below to save more costs. Depending on the condition, the doctor will advise prosthetics according to the All on 4 or All on 6 method.

Pillar type Unit Cost
Korean Implant Pillar – Dentium All on 4 150.000.000
All on 6 170.000.000
French Implant Pillar – Tekka All on 4 160.000.000
All on 6 200.000.000
Swiss Implant Pillar – Implantswiss All on 4 200.000.000
All on 6 240.000.000
Swiss Implant Pillar – Straumann SLA All on 4 230.000.000
All on 6 260.000.000
Swiss Implant Pillar – Straumann SLA Active All on 4 240.000.000
All on 6 270.000.000

3. Price list of porcelain crowns on implants

The cost of dental implants at Flora Dentistry includes titanium porcelain crowns . However, many aunts/ uncles, brothers / sisters who need to upgrade the quality of porcelain crowns, can refer to the price list below.

Porcelain type Unit Cost
Zirconia Porcelain Teeth (Germany) 1 tooth 6.000.000
Cercon Porcelain Teeth (Germany) 1 tooth 7.000.000
Cercon HT Porcelain Teeth – Emax Press 1 tooth 8.000.000
Lava Plus Porcelain Teeth – 3M ESPE 1 tooth 9.000.000

As you have seen, Flora Dentistry always believes in porcelain crowns originating from Germany, because of the best quality and durability today.

4. Payment support policy at Flora Dentistry

Help customers comfortably plant teeth, not worry about finances. Flora Dentistry supports 0% interest installments with more than 23 banks: Vietcombank, BIDV, Techcombank, MB, Sacombank, FE Credit, ACB, Citibank, Standard Chartered, HSBC, VPBank, Shinhan, South Asia Bank, SeAbank, VIB, Eximbank, Maritime Bank, OCB, SCB, Kienlong Bank, TP Bank, SHB… Free of charge for all related expenses.

Payment of dental implants at 0% interest rate
Installment payment with 0% interest

5. Why should you plant dental implants at Flora Dentistry?

Compared to so many dentists out there, why should you treat tooth loss at Flora Dentistry?

5.1. Dr. Nguyen Dac Minh

Dr. Nguyen Dac Minh
Dr. Nguyen Dac Minh

The doctor performs is the reason that you/uncle, brother/sister cares first. Implant implants require doctors to be trained from professional knowledge to practical experience. And especially licensed to perform surgery.

At Flora Dentistry, Dr. Nguyen Dac Minh is the one who directly conducts dental implants for her/ uncle, brother / sister. With more than 10 years of experience and many valuable certificates, Dr. Nguyen Dac Minh has successfully performed more than thousands of dental implants. The result of the gift brings many aunts / uncles, brothers / sisters can not help but be surprised when chewing like real teeth.

Here are some achievements that Dr. Nguyen Dac Minh has accumulated over 10 years dedicated to the profession:

  • Full-time diploma – dental specialist
  • Certificate of Dental Implants from The Central Dental Hospital
  • Advanced Orthodontic Certificate from Hue Central Hospital
  • Member of the World Implant Association – ICOI
  • Member of the Swiss Implant Association – ITI

Not only knowing the professional knowledge, Dr. Nguyen Dac Minh is always up to date with the most advanced technologies. Help optimize the effectiveness of treatment as well as the maximum cost savings for customers.

5.2. Swiss standard dental implant technology

Internationally invested dental planting technology also contributes in no small part to the effectiveness of treating lost teeth. With Flora Dentistry, we have brought swiss standard 3D implant technology Sophis combined with a proprietary pain control system to bring the best experience to customers.

With 3D technology Sophis studied in Switzerland for more than 60 years has achieved the following standards.

Swiss standard Sophis 3D dental planting technology
Swiss standard Sophis 3D dental planting technology

5.2.1. Diagnostic – Accurate diagnosis

Sophis 3D technology researchers are extremely interested and value accuracy. This is an extremely important factor in the whole treatment process. Especially from the diagnosis.

Cone Beam CT imaging system has effectively supported the dental implant process. This is a camera device that links to the computer to produce a sharp 3-dimensional image of:

  • Tooth tissue
  • Soft tissue
  • Neural tube and jaw bone

The finished X-ray film taken by CT Cone Beam will show you/ uncle, you / you can see:

  • The correlation between the lower molars and the nerves
  • Correlation between the upper molars and the jaw sinuses
  • Check the wounds deep inside.

From there, Dr. Nguyen Dac Minh can make a general assessment of the condition of the teeth. Know the depth and breadth of the bone structure and the degree of bone dissipation and porosity. As a result, the indications of whether or not to need a bone graft will be considered by the doctor and exchange details with her/ uncle, brother / sister. To get the most appropriate recovery process.

The implant diameter is measured in the most accurate way, in accordance with the bone socket. Saying no to the old method has a not high accuracy rate. Concrete:

  • Clinical examination
  • Choose the smallest diameter implant for safety

Not only that, the Cone Beam CT scan also helps to specify the time of dental implants, preview the results of restoration. Thus, you can see that this is an important technique to ensure accuracy and safety when treating tooth loss.

5.2.2. Diagram – Plan a treatment regimen

A detailed treatment regimen is an indispensable next step in dental implant techniques according to Swiss standard 3D Sophis technology. Based on the results of diagnostic diagnosis, Dr. Nguyen Dac Minh will conduct a specific treatment regimen including:

  • Plan on implants: number of appointments, duration of implementation, specific treatments.
  • Number, placement of implants: No nerve compression
  • Implant Selection: System and Size
  • Surgical procedures
  • Flip the flap or not, bone graft or not
  • Whether to lift the sinuses or not: A closed or open sinus lift
  • Include insensitive methods into the implementation process

With such a specific and clear procedure, you can be completely assured of the accuracy as well as the long-term operation of the implant pillar.

5.2.3. Delimited – Unlimited

Previously, in order to implant the implant into the jaw bone, she/ uncle, you had to go through the process of separating the gums so that the doctor could determine the correct location of the implant. Not only that, but it is also quite complicated to carry out the insertion of the implant pillar into the jaw bone, easily affecting the surrounding areas.

Understanding that, Sophis 3D implant technology is perfectly improved when allowing doctors to implant implant the most accurate implant after having undergone two stages of diagnosis and diagram.

Accordingly, there is no need to use the old gum separation method that causes pain and prolongs the healing time. The implant pillar is calculated correctly to be put in the right place in the jaw bone, ensuring non-invasive and rapid bone integration.

As mentioned earlier, Flora Dentistry also combines pain management system with Sophis 3D implant technology. Make sure you don’t feel any pain during treatment. In addition, apply prf platelet-rich plasma membrane transplantation when necessary to speed up the healing process.

5.3. Modern facilities

5.3.1. CT Cone Beam

As mentioned above, CT Cone Beam plays an extremely important role in the implant process. So what is the specific CT Cone Beam?

CT Cone Beam 3D is a type of X-ray, using conical X-ray beams and advanced two-dimensional detectors. The Cone Beam 3D CT scanner was born, allowing dentists to see detailed images of the bones. And moreover, A 3D cone beam CT scan also helps to evaluate diseases of the jaw, teeth, bone structure on the face, nasal cavity.

5.3.2. The device supports the stability assessment of the implant

This is a resonant frequency analysis technique that was introduced in dental implants more than 20 years ago.

One of the latches attached to the implant is stimulated and the vibration frequency is picked up by the device and presented as an ISQ (Implant Stability Index) value. The scale is determined from 1 to 99 ISQ, these values are closely correlated with the microportability of the implant, which in turn will help the doctor accurately assess the bone quality, bone integration level and stability of the implant.

Learn more: The assistive device evaluates the stability of Penguin RFA Implants

5.3.3. Modern sterile system

At Flora Dentistry, sterile hygiene is always the top concern. Therefore, Dentistry has invested in equipment system imported directly from Europe, in order to meet the strict standards of the International Dental Association. Concrete:

Class B Anthos A17 Sterilized Steamer

This is a high-end sterilized steamer, originating from Italy. Researched and manufactured with the most modern technology. The Anthos steamer series overcomes the disadvantages of the old lines.

With 3 vacuum test cycles, use a vacuum pump to completely remove air from: sterilized chamber, packaged packaging, empty tools and toolboxes,… helps steam circulate freely and penetrate into the surface of all instruments, creating the perfect comprehensive sterilization process.

5.4. Warranty program

Flora Dentistry always ensures the right time to use the implant pillar. Specifically as follows:

Pillar type Warranty
Korean Implant Pillar – Dentium 10 years
American Implant Pillar – Dentium 15 years
French Implant Pillar – Tekka Lifetime
Swiss Implant Pillar – Implantswiss Lifetime
Swiss Implant Pillar – Straumann SLA Lifetime
Swiss Implant Pillar – Straumann SLA Active Lifetime

Hopefully with the above article about
the cost of dental implants
from Flora Dentistry, you will equip some useful information to overcome tooth loss more smoothly. For advice and answers to other questions, please contact via Hotline
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