In any profession there is a term of its own and so does dentistry. For people in the profession these terms are easy to understand but for people who do not care about dentistry they will be very difficult to understand. Therefore, there are many people who wonder some typical dental-related terms such as implant, porcelain crown, Abutment, jaw bone…

Implants are a familiar term in dentistry. Of course, not everyone knows what an implant is. Let’s find out more about these terms with Flora Dentistry!

What is an implant? Is it a service in dentistry?

Dental implants are a titanium “denture” implanted into the jaw bone, supporting a porcelain crown, bridge or a removable denture to replace the missing teeth.

The structure of dental implants

What is porcelain crown?

Porcelain crowns are a form of dental restoration of a size and color that is crafted like real teeth, but without the inner intestine for the purpose of shooting out of the real tooth or implant pillar to help the restoration of the tooth become perfect.

molar implants

What is an Abutment Implant coupling?

Abutment is a component that makes up a complete denture implant. This is a coupling that connects the implant pillar to the porcelain crown into a sturdy denture.

What is the phenomenon of jaw bone destruction?

Jaw osteoarthrhrology is also known as denture bone pepper, including upper and lower jaw bone pepper. This is a phenomenon that occurs due to a decline in the number, density and volume of the jaw bone in the lost tooth, the chewing force acting on this part of the jaw bone is no longer available. From there, the gums shrink, the jaw bone in the adjacent teeth is reduced, the root of the tooth is easily shaken.

Jaw bone loss (or denture depletion) is a decline in bone density and around the root of the tooth that manifests it through factors such as height, density, number and volume of bones.

The need to have dental implants.

The implant is removed?

Rejection is a dangerous complication, which can occur during healing, recovery or even at the end of treatment. If the signs of implants are not removed early and timely treatment is taken, this accident will lead to many consequences later, causing difficulties and costs when treating.


When you are losing one or more teeth or have problems with the denture or bridge existing implant is the optimal solution you should think about first.

Because implants are the best prosthetic method today, only when there are no implant conditions (in terms of finance, time, bone condition of tooth loss, dental and systemic health problems) should the usual types of restoration (bridges caught through real teeth or removable dentures).